Strawberry Mint Sorbet

Strawberry mint sorbet is one of those desserts – those simple treats – that I love sharing with my family.  It’s fresh and vibrant with flavor, but also utterly uncomplicated.  It celebrates some of the first flavors of springtime, strawberries and fresh herbs, combining them with honey for a touch of sweetness. Mint helps to cleanse…

For the Love of Salty Sweets: Rich Chocolate Brownies with Sea Salt

Heather Baird of Sprinkle Bakes is back and more delicious than ever with her sophomore cookbook, Sea Salt Sweet. Sea Salt Sweet strikes the perfect balance between the art and the science of pastry and baking with fun, accessible recipes that tickle both your sweet cravings and your salty ones. Read the source article at…

Mashup: Berry Pot Pie

When you think of “pot pies” you probably think of something savory, with colorful vegetables and chunks of meat swimming in a thick and hearty gravy. However, there’s no reason that a pot pie can’t be sweet, and with that in mind I’d like to propose this Berry Pot Pie recipe: a mashup on the traditional savory…

Recipe: Strawberry Meringue Layer Cake

Chef Lesli from Harmons shows us how to make a delicious homemade cake perfect for strawberry season. For more information, go here. Read the source article at By Brittany Graham

Ring in New Year with fresh chowder

Recipes for Pacific salmon chowder; shrimp and vegetable chowder; Boston-style creamy clam chowder; crab chowder with bacon and chives; corn chowder with chive oil; and chicken and corn chowder. Read the source article at The Seattle Times By[u’Addie Broyles’]