Sweet treats for Mother’s Day: Pastry chef credits her single mom for passing on strength, courage

“My mom is my hero,” pastry chef and author Renée Kohlman says. Kohlman’s father passed away a month before her seventh birthday. Her family was living on a farm near the Alberta-Saskatchewan border when her mother, not yet 30, was left to raise four children. “She just held it together. I can’t imagine what she must have gone through at the time… she must have been terrified,” Kohlman says of her mom, Lorna Boser. “She persevered and didn’t sway from her goal of being a mother.

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Mashup: Soft Pretzel Chocolate Chip Pull Apart Bread

The weather is cooling off in some parts of the country, and you know what that means… Comfort food season! Pull apart bread is comfort food at its finest. After some work or play outside, there is nothing like ripping off a warm piece to devour. And it’s totally acceptable because it’s pull apart bread, after all.

Today I have a twist on the traditional pull apart bread. It’s a food mashup of sorts. We are talking Soft Pretzel Chocolate Chip Pull Apart Bread… Oh, yeah.

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By Kristi Murphy, KitchenAidUSA

‘Taste of Persia’: Naomi Duguid explores rich culinary legacy of Iran and neighbours

At its height, the First Persian Empire (550-330 BC) was the largest known to the ancient world. Also known as the Achaemenid Empire, modern-day Iran was at its heart. It grew to encompass Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean in the west, and northern India and Central Asia in the east.

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No-cook summer meals: Food, drink recipes, ideas for dog day dinners

I’m gonna get wasted!!!!


It’s too hot to move, much less turn on the stove — or, for heaven’s sake, the oven — so what will you eat for dinner? Take-out is an option, as are ham and cheese sandwiches and green salads, but why not use going stove-less to get more creative in the kitchen? After all, eating well and keeping cool are not mutually exclusive. If it helps, think of dinner as a picnic, rather than simply supper on the table.

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By AnnMMaloney

How Do We Love Watermelon? Let Us Count the Ways

There are few summer pastimes more satisfying than nibbling a cool slice of watermelon right down to the rind. And while we completely support enjoying the juicy, low-calorie pink fruit in its raw, unadulterated form, we can also get behind soups, salads and desserts that highlight its incredible range and versatility. From sweet shaved ice to spicy watermelon gazpacho, here are seven fresh uses for that ripe watermelon chilling in your fridge.

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By Emily Lee