Flaky Buttery Biscuit BLT Sliders

The Danes are really onto something with this whole Hygge concept. I first heard the term on an episode of Mind of a Chef and remember feeling an immediate affinity for it. Sometimes, you’ll hear a song for the first time and will immediately know that it’s a song that’s gonna stick with you, it will pop into your head while jogging, you’ll hum it at the bus stop or in the lou, Your wife will cringe when you sing it in the car. THAT’s how I felt when I learned about Hygge, that it was something I wanted to carry with me forever, so then I forgot all about it. Now, as if by fate, I am reminded of Hygge by way of a recipe containing one of my favorite foods; Bacon!!!!!


“Have you guys ever heard of hygge? It’s the Danish word for cozy, but it’s also so much more: it’s feeling, a mood, a warm mug filled with your favorite tea on a rainy day, tucked under a fluffy blanket…

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