Avocado Toast Is New York’s Most-Popular Food. What’s the Top Dish Where You Live?

My wife and I love the idea of avocado toast. Unfortunately we only love it for one meal at a time and often get stuck with an additional avocado. Sure, sometimes we’ll use that extra to make some guac or add it to a salad later that week but. more often than not it just sits and goes bad in our fruit bowl. 😦


“New Yorkers love their avocado toast. Kentuckians crave country ham. Indianans apparently have an abiding love for lemon rice soup. (Pucker up and slurp. ) And Californians, it seems, cannot get enough Chinese chicken salad. What’s the most-popular food in your state? Foursquare has come up with an interactive map of the most-popular food and drink in every U.S. state (plus the District of Columbia, where a lot of people are seriously into Ethiopian food).”

Read the source article at Food Network Feed


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